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Convert your Foam Water Mat into a towable in a matter of minutes!

At Lily Setter, we are always striving to innovate everything and anything around foam water mats and to make lake life more fun.  Now you can be the first on the lake with a Lily Surfer and bring something completely new to the scene.   

Install our conversion kit, grab your kiddos, friends and family and forget having to deal with that old tube laying around.     Think of it as a "magic carpet ride" behind a boat!  

Perfect for all lakes and ages!    


  • (4) Lily Setter Tube Conversion Plates 
  • (2) Connector Ropes 
  • (2) Handles
  • Installation Hardware
  • Floating Water Mat Not Provided



Material - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Install Video -

Product Code: Lily-Surf23

Patent Pending

Lily Surfer

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