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Roll your dock setter to and from your garage to your dock with the Mobile Dock Setter.  We understand not everybody can install a permanent fixture to their dock, so why not roll with it!  Your Mobile Dock Setter still has many features of our Dock Setter, but you can take it with you!  



  • Mobile Dock Setter on wheels for easy transport to a dock
  • Pad Mounts attached to Roller Bar secure your pad onto Mobile Dock Setter
  • Roll up crank design (Manual Version only)
  • Rechargeable 12v battery included and Trickle Charger with wireless remotes and switches (Powered Version Only)
  • Bungee strapping system will strap as it rolls
  • Quick release spring filled side pin to remove or attach roller bar 
  • 88”x58”x5”
  • Weight: Crank Handle: 30lbs | Power: 63lbs

**Patent Pending.  Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA with marine grade aluminum.  Foam mat NOT included.  

Mobile Dock Setter

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