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The Matt Rack™️ is an expertly fabricated aluminum rack that mounts to your pontoon's ski tow bar with aluminum clamps that will mount to your ski tow bar (included).  When you have The Matt Rack™ on your boat you reclaim all your floor space to use as you want. 


The Matt Rack ™ safely stores your floating mat so that you can maintain complete visibility to the rear for the safety of your tubers, knee boarders, and skiers.


To order we need to know 3 things1;

  • Tow Bar Size
  • Tow Bar Width
  • Powder Coat Color


To determine your clamp size use the method below:


If you are not sure what your tubing size is just use the directions here to calculate it:


  • Use a piece of string or paper and wrap it around your tower tubing.
  • Measure the amount of string or paper that it took to wrap around the circumference.
  • See the chart below.


Circumference (inches) =  Diameter (inches)

  • 3.927 = 1.250 (1 1/4)
  • 4.712 = 1.500 (1 1/2)
  • 5.105 = 1.625 (1 5/8)
  • 5.498 = 1.750 (1 3/4)
  • 5.890 = 1.875 (1 7/8)
  • 6.283 = 2.000 (2)
  • 7.069 = 2.250 (2 1/4)
  • 7.461 = 2.375 (2 3/8)
  • 7.854 = 2.500 (2 1/2)
  • 9.425 = 3.000 (3)


For the Tow Bar With:


There are two standard widths for The Matt Rack™️ , 15" center to center and 20" center to center. To ensure proper fit, measure from the center of the tow bar to the start of the radius (where it turns down to the boat). If that measurement is 10" or greater the standard 20" center to center The Matt Rack™️ will work. If you measure below 10" and larger than 7.5" the standard 15" center to center The Matt Rack™ will work. If your measurement is below 7.5" we can likley still make you a custom The Matt Rack™ (delivery time will be a bit longer).


Finally, select your powder coating color. For a custom color please reach out and we can discuss your selection.


The Matt Rack™ comes with free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. Customers ordering outside the continental US will be contacted after the order to finalize shipping.



Patent Pending


**Straps for the mat are not included


  • All The Matt Rack™️'s come powder coated; standard colors are Gloss Black, Matte Black and Textured Black (see them in the photos).  We also have a powder coat option of "Polished Aluminum" for a slight charge.  Custom colors, to include your favorite collegiate team colors, are available for an extra cost.  Prices for the custom colors will vary depending on the color. 

    • For custom colors please select: "Custom Color; we can do custom colors, select and you will receive an email to retrieve your custom color information" and someone will contact you to discuss your color choice.

    *The Matt Rack™️ is intended for on water use only, it is not recommended to transport your floating mat on The Matt Rack while trailering your boat.

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